Buying a dress form for lingerie

Buying a regular dress form was easy: I have 2 Stockmann dress forms that I’ve got via a friend who studied at Antwerp’s Fashion academy.  That was more than 20 years ago. At that time, I had – more or less – the same size as that mannequin. Super handy for fitting my clothes and practising my skills.

We’re now 20 years later and I’ve grown a lot. Not only my experience expanded, my body grew also.

When I started making lingerie, I quickly discovered my Stockmann forms did not quite do the job. They do not have a breast shape, it’s more like a ‘bulge’. So I went on a search.

It didn’t take me a long time to discover the Alvanon dress forms. Dries Van Noten uses them, so do a lot of other companies. Must be good, I figured. So I made an inquire. I found out that the form I wanted, would cost me a whopping €2800 (2019, shipping not included). That’s a big amount for a small business. I rather invest that kind of money in fabrics and notions.

And then I met Elisa and Elona. Both ladies had roots in Chechnya. Chechnya is a part of the Russian federation and is situated in the Northern Kaukasus. I’ve never had friends who spoke Russian, how exciting!

With Elisa and Elona came a connection to that unknown federation of states and the different people living in it. And they speak Russian!

Elisa told me al lot on Russian craftsmanship an pointed me towards a Russian dress form maker, One Forms. They have anatomic correct dolls that cost 10% of an Alvanon. Of course there is a difference in quality. The Alvanon form is heavier and sturdier. But I’m not taking that dress form to a party, I want to use it to fit lingerie on it. I’m not using it as intense as a (big) lingerie company would.

I bought the Sofia in size 40. I’m very pleased with it. It more or less has my size, but I added extra padding on the breasts and in the bum area. Very easy to do, you can take the cover off, add padding where needed and slip the cover back on.

It’s a no-nonsense, easy to use dress form made out of foam and covered with a cotton fabric. The cover has guiding seams on it, making it easy to drape.

When you live outside Russia, you have to take in account that you are going to have to pay customs. In my case, that was €104. I knew this, so it was not a surprise. But I can be if you do not anticipate this cost. You can check this easily via the internet.

They have different sizes and colours. You can visit One Forms here

*I’m not affiliated with One Forms and I do not get paid to post this

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  1. Johann van Niekerk
    Johann van Niekerk says:

    Hi Liesje, I just read your review of the OneForms dress form. I also have a Sofia from Irina at OneForms that matches my wife‘s measurements exactly. I bought Sofia from the OneForms Etsy shop. I can only agree with your views on the OneForms Sofia – a great, versatile, pinnable steamable dress form. And perhaps Sofia’s best quality: her infinite patience when I want to fit or drape something 😉
    By the way: in 2022 Irina and the OneForms company relocated to Tbilisi in Georgia, and all dress forms are sent from there.


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