How to use a layered PDF

The pattern comes as a layered PDF file, so you will need a PDF viewer to view and print your pattern. We recommend Adobe Reader as a reliable free program. You can print the pattern on A4 or US letter-sized paper. Make sure your printer settings are set to “100% scale” and not “Fit” (your settings may be named differently), and check that it has printed correctly using the guide on the first page.

DO NOT PRINT ALL SIZES AND PAGES! It’s not necessary! The pattern is a layered PDF and meant for you to “turn off” all layers except those you need to print. Otherwise, it will be difficult to see the pattern lines and will waste paper. Choose the Layer icon in the PDF sidebar to view all layers, then choose your size and the TEXT layer.

  1. Open the PDF in the reader.
  2. On left of the screen you can see an icon presenting the layers.
  3. Click on the icon to reveal all layers.

IMPORTANT NOTE : layers do not work on the mobile app, only on a laptop or desktop PC

  • Click the eye in front of the size you need. It should be open. All other sizes must have closed eyes.
  • The eye in front of the text must be open as well.
  • Now click the ‘Print’ button and only the selected layers will be printed.
  • Pure magic!

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